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10 Awesome but Affordable gift ideas for surfers – The #5 can surprise you

surfing gift ideas

If you are running out of ideas what you should buy your beloved surfers, this is an article for you. For sports players, not only surfers, people tend to think about customs gifts and something relating to their sports. However, we can do more than that with just a present. A gift can convey how supportive and caring we are to them, Let’s have some reference from the ten excellent but affordable gifts ideas we got for surfers


1. Sunscreen

Thinking about surfing, I cannot stop imaging about sunny beaches. Sunny weather is the best weather for any water sports, but out skin get burned too. That’s why I recommend Sunscreen. More than that, everyone needs sunblock scream no matter which sports they play. At least your gift turns out using all the time.

Thinking about surfing, I cannot stop imaging about sunny beaches. Sunny weather is the best weather for any water sports, but out skin get burned too. That’s why I recommend Sunscreen. More than that, everyone needs sunblock scream no matter which sports they play. At least your gift turns out using all the time.

2. Longboard Fin

You can surf without a fin, but surfing with fins always gets better and safer. Any brands such as FCS, 3D, Futures, Captain, Kinetik Racing are recommended.

Surfers should have some different sets of fins to experience with, that bring about distinctive feelings on the wave. That’s another way to express your support to their hobbies in the way you are gifting them. 

About the longboard Fin, it’s for the longboard, obviously. It should be placed in choppy sessions than it can keep surfers no turning in a wave. Even it’s a solid choice. I would like to remind you, in case you’re not professional about surfing, fins can affect noseride. Therefore, study your surfers’ style and find a suitable fin. 

3. Heat Booties

Many surfers surf without much suits on. Some are fine with just swimsuit and goggles. However, for them to enjoy surfing most safely and every weather, something like hood or booties never let them down. 

Feet are always in the water more than the other parts of the body and feet keeps heat. There’s no reason a surfer refuses a pair of booties to keep them available for any round. 

People produce the type of boots in different thickness such as 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm for the diversity of temperature. With the Heat features, durable rubber soles along with dual velcro straps can help the feet out of the water. 

Find surfers these cool surfing pieces of the outfit and let them enjoy surfing time with warmth, safety, and protection from you. 

4. FCS Premium Regular leash 

A leash is a must-had item for any surfers, and they should have several, not only one. Ropes are also for the different length of the board, so do not leave surfers with only one set of it. However, let’s think they need back up leashes for themselves, your gifts never get useless. 

I would recommend you to buy a leash for a shortboard. It should be designed with 7mm thick for 2 to 8-foot waves. It also should feature interchangeable smooth rotating nylon cuff and machine stainless steel swivels. I think it’s a leash that any surfers love. 

5. McNett Mirazyme Odor Eliminator, 8

The suit shampoo is as necessary as a regular shampoo for people who don’t surf. Therefore, your Suit shampoo is always welcomed by surfers. They wear surfing suits, booties and hood for all day long and a little of suit shampoo can help to eliminate odor and extend clothes lifecycle. One more advantage is that they are handy, surfers can keep it on their kits and take it everywhere. 

Not for surfers, this kind shampoo is useful for anyone who does sport and sweat. It helps a lot with eliminating bacteria and smell after doing sports. 

6. Tie Down Straps

A strap is needed for any trips, especially if surfers transport their valued surfboard by car or van, a trap can help it tied down solidly. Traps are useful in any case and for many people, not only surfers. You can tie and stabilize anything with secure straps. 

This Tie Down strap is made 100% from Polypropylene in wide and long design. You are supposed to have a tight grip on every trip. You should pick up the bright color, which is more visible to handle. 

7. Coldwater Hood

As I said above, they're more than a swimsuit to surf in every weather. As a result, besides booties, why not a hood? Stop the situation that surfers might get a headache due to sensitive cold or water in the ears, a skull cap can solve all these problems. 

Coldwater hoods often use materials that are both durable and sturdy for unterwater use. Their thickness is roughly 3mm, fabulous to stop the icy weather but still get comfort. And, more than that, this hood can protect users from UV rays. Isn’t it a good purchase for any weather?

One more thing, because the hood is a complete skull, you should pay attention to the size. You never want anyone wear too loose or too tight, both affect the advantages in using the hood. 

8. Surfing Coffee Mug. Surfing gift

Surfers never get enough of surfing Mugs and T-shirts. Let’s talk about Mugs first? I would like a medium and basic mug for anyone to take it everywhere they want, as a personalized gift for surfers. I believe this gift is the most affordable on the list so far. 

Mugs perfect for anyone: your family, friends or lovers. With unique and funny design, takers remember you every time they use the cup. And the words can help you express your consideration of their hobbies, praise their hobbies in a long-lasting way. 

Find a mug safe to microwave and solid. Your gift becomes a memorable and useful gift at first sight.

9. Reef Fanning sandals 

Same as mugs, Sandals are not over for any gift ideas. Moreover, playing on the beach, surfers need a flip-flop at any point. A good pair of sandals for beach activities like surfing should be sturdy and long lasting. They should be convenient to wear in or out. For those reasons, I choose a Reef fanning sandals. 

Because Surfers use them on the beach after a long hour of surfing, the sandals should turn out helpful to prevent hot sand below and comfortable at the same time. 

Pick the right size for your friends is the last job to pay attention. 

10. Sticky Bumps Wax 

Surfers need wax as much as the leash. Surf wax keeps surfer stick with their surfboard while moving on the water. Because they can be made in many color and no-color, you check out the most suitable as a gift. 

Surf wax will keep surer no slipping off from the surfboard then I think they never have enough of it as much as they want to continue surfing. 

There are many choices of Wax on the store, but I would like to recommend Sticky Bumps which came in the most color. The color is delightful and bright. Such a beautiful thing can express something about the surfers. 

There are many things you can give surfers as gifts, besides them, there are T-shirts and DVD’s that I bet you had in your mind before reading this article. Choosing the most suitable present for people you love never get easy but if you can invest time to study more about their hobbies, the answer comes clearer. Putting more creativity turns your customs gift into something special and unique which is distinctive enough to be a memorable and useful present for that person.

Here above are some gift ideas for surfers that I would like to recommend the most. Even I think they are the most useful and accessible for every surfer, you should pay more in detail if you want to choose the perfect ones. Some of those are affordable for everyone and easy to pick up even you are not specialized in surfing. The point is always the consideration. Good luck with that.