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What You Need To Know About Bass Player Gifts

Bass Player Gifts

Bass players play such an essential role in transforming the simple beat of the drum into a harmonic tone that the artists can develop it. This indicates that the bassist is responsible for the bond between euphony and groove and that’s not only is a big thing but also crucial. 

And we have to admit the fact that playing bass is so cool in the first place. Choosing gifts for your beloved bass player sure is a tough mission as they usually don’t need as many products and gadgets as guitarists. But still, nowadays there apparently if a never-ending range of present ideas for you to pick from and that will help bring the smile on your beloved bass player. 


The main question here is what you should buy to make it a perfect gift, without error, without fail? This article is here to help those who in need. We’ve gotten every factor into considerations. For instance, we put into the account of whether they’re new to the bass or they’re professional at it, their ages, what is their music tastes, and then made this following list of beautiful options to you can choose from. Let’s check it out!

1.  Bass Overdrive Pedal

This can be listed as bass player’s must-have gadgets list. Bass overdrive pedal is suitable for all bassist who which to pursue a long-term plan of playing bass. It is a multi-tasking device, not only does it let you have more manage over your sound but also it is useful in most situations from using in the studio to live performances. 

You can plug your bass into this pedal and after that into the amp. Adding the overdrive pedal to a bass guitar can create some sludgy distortion to the musician’s sound, and it will insert another unique element. There are many ways to use it, depend on what the bass player’s music style, especially it’s quite popular in heavy metal rock, punk and indie music. 

It’s crucial that you pick the suitable overdrive pedal among the thousands of products out there in the market. What you need to remember is that you need to purchase the one that is specifically made for bass which means it can adapt the low frequencies. Our advice here is getting the help from the professional, whether you can ask one who also playing the bass guitar for a long time or spending hours in music stores, asking and getting suggestions from the seller. Eventually, you will find the superb bass overdrive pedal as a gift for your special bass player. 

2.  T-shirts & Mugs

If you want to present a bit more personal sense in your gift, nothing can beat custom ones, such as T-shirts and mugs. If your friend is just a newbie who wants to embark on the trip to become a great guitarist, a shirt or cup with a motivational quote will be his daily source of encouragement. On the other hand, professional bass players would appreciate things like shirts so that they can wear on their rehearsals or tours and cups so that they can use for tea or coffee.

Fortunately, there are thousands of designs, colours and sizes for you to choose from. Take note of your friend’s preferences and surprise him or her with your most excellent care.

3.  Bass Amp 

Most of you don't know what a bass amp is. Here is a simple explanation. It is an electronic device that allows bass players to produce lower-pitched sound, which of course is the favourite resonance of both bass players and the audience. Bass amps often incorporate different elements that can be purchased separately. Because of powerful features and the ability to magnify sound, bass amps are every bass players’ dream. It would be double meaningful if you are the one who fulfils this dream. For those who don’t know which bass amps to start with, go for a combo one. 

4.  Bass Strings

Bass strings are different from acoustic guitar ones. They grant the guitar power to create robust tunes. Usually, bass players must change their strings after a while since the quality of bass strings could profoundly influence the overall playability of the instrument. 

Bass strings are on the list of critical components of a bass; however, they are often underestimated by bass players. Some of them don’t change their strings for ages. Many reasons account for this neglect, and being lazy isn’t one. To sustain the bass, a player needs to pay attention to many parts, and he can quickly forget the strings. So if you give them bass strings as a birthday gift or so, you will be an angel in their eyes.

5.  Guitar Player’s Tool Kit

Being a guitarist requires extensive knowledge about how a guitar function and how to preserve it. Therefore, it’s vitally important for a bass player to have equipment for essential maintenance such as adjusting the strings or replacing elements of the bass. So guess what, if you want to give your beloved bass player a stunning gift, you should go for a guitar player’s toolkit. 

6.  Bass Guitar Headphone Amp

Bass Guitar Headphone Amplifier is a useful gadget as well as a fantastic option to consider as a gift. Basically, it’s a miniature power amp designed only to control the little speakers inside the audio headphone. This small device can improve so much the music clarity as well as euphony range extension. By using the bass headphone amp, the headphone can gain a lot of benefits aside from. As a result, of course, they will sound so much better and so much cleaner. 

With only just a good headphone, a decompress music and a high-quality bass guitar headphone amplifier. You’ll find yourself drowning in amazement at the quality of the sound that you will able to listen with a high level of clarity, full harmony frequencies, and last but not least is the top-notch detailed tune. Therefore, a headphone amp is a top-notch gift for your beloved guitar fanciers. 

7.  Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

Though gripmaster hand exerciser doesn’t include in the bass set, it proves to be an essential thing to bass players. As you can see, bass players need to use their hands quite frequent, especially their fingertips. Gripmaster hand exerciser helps improve the flexibility and strength of their fingers and wrist, thus dramatically enhance their performances. If you run out of idea for gifts, a gripmaster hand exerciser isn’t a bad idea at all.

8.  Bass Strap 

Every bass players need a bass strap in order to hold their guitar for long during rehearsals and performances. If you notice, this strap could also make up a fantastic gift for your bass players. You should look for the durably made bass strap with a control-stretch feature. That way, bass players can adjust the position of their instrument while playing. 

9.  Guitar Stand

A guitar stand is another essential component in the whole bass set. Some people, even bass beginners, think that a guitar stand is just another expensive accessory that is not necessarily included in your bass kit. On the contrary, a guitar stand does more than only holds the bass. It protects the bass from being carelessly broken.

Furthermore, players will be ready to play at any moment. So, yes, if your bass player doesn’t have any guitar stand, give him one. He will be grateful for that. 

10.  Bass Guitar 

You won’t probably find any better gift than a brand new bass for your friend. The truth is once your friend gets infected with the bass virus, he or she will get avaricious and always want for more. So never worry if your bass player has already had a bass guitar. The best time to give him or her the guitar is at Christmas and in the New Year. Why? New year comes with new things, doesn’t it? 

11.  Bass Player sticker 

If you on a budget, how about sending them some stickers as a gift? These little present can become a statement accessorise their bass guitar. You can find tons of quirky designs on the internet, or if you want it to become unique, you can even create your own to personalise the gift by adding text and pictures. 

12.  High-Quality Mogami Cable

Yes, cables play a critical role in helping bass players make an excellent piece of art. Though you can buy any cables for that matter, the best is to get nice and high-quality ones for your favourite bass players. Most bass players aware of the importance of bass cables, yet still think “maybe later” when they see cables in the shop. You can do them a big favour by turning “maybe later” into a surprising gift. For the best cables, you should choose high-quality Mogami cables since they are the most frequently used cables for instruments.

13.  Complete Learn To Play Bass Manual 

By the difference between the number of the strings, less than two strings to be exact, make bass has a different frequency, scale length, harmony than guitar so naturally, it demands another way of playing. 

For those who have a huge passion for playing bass and want to start playing or even for the guitarist who wants to challenge themselves in learning a new type of instrument, this gift is a perfect fit.

To wrap up, buying a gift isn’t easy as many people think. For bass players, they would love to receive gifts that enhance their guitar’s playability or their overall performance. Some would prefer simple things like T-shirts or cups. It’s true that us, the gift buyers, have to ponder over and over again before buying a present. With this list of the best gift options for bass players, we hope that you would give your friends and those you love a great surprise and a lot of appreciation by giving them what they need to advance their bass skills.