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Top 12 odd but run-of-the-mill gifts to vegan girlfriends

gifts for vegan girlfriend

Picking up a gift for girlfriend never gets easy unless you want to mess up your relationship. The job gets harder if she is an extraordinary girl who does not eat meat and pray for animals. However, there are impressive gifts to vegan girlfriends that could help you win her another time.

I prepare here top twelve of many gifts you could give to girlfriends regardless of her characteristics or career. The prime requirement is no non-vegan ingredients or animal relations to my list. 


1. Desert makers - best friends for girls

Almost all vegan girls are interested in cooking and special diet an I’m sure that none of them say no to a fresh and creamy dessert. Therefore, the first coming up to my mind was something to help her in the kitchen, that’s why a dessert maker is my first suggestion. 

A dessert maker seems brilliant to every vegan cooks. When others enjoy creamy and cakey deserts, the girlfriends can have fun with her vegan recipe. A machine can blend frozen fruits into a creamy and healthy bowl can express much of your love. 

2. Cookbooks- Best books for vegan cooks 

There are more than a gift for girls. A cookbook can display more than recipes but suggestion for creativity and love. In addition, menu for vegan goes around with salad and some soups. Let help her find you more caring and considerate from the meals, and by a cookbook, you can easily bring her joy. 

3. Vegan meat - New food, new joy

Because many could think of snacks but how about the main dish? How thoughtful you are if you could find vegan meat. Besides, it’s another odd ingredient that she can take note for the future disk. Foods for vegan are usually limited and flat, cheering her up by a little-barbequed chicken flavored Tempeh could show how much you care about her meals and diet. 

4. Couple mugs - More time to cuddle

Speaking of gifts, some are always on the list, such as mugs. But it’s so simple if you gave her a little cup as other friends do. I would like to suggest a brilliant package with a couple of matched mugs. That is so sweet that you can lay on the sofa and have your juice together with same cups. 

5. Towels - Say a word to her body 

Towels could be the least to mention as gifts for anyone, not alone vegan. If you are considerate enough, a towel can say how much you love and cherish her vegan lifestyle. She can feel that how hard you try by picking up such an useful personalized gift. Do not forget to check the materials, the towel should be made from vegan fabric. 

6. Couple T-shirts - Never-out-of-date ideas for lovers

Girls never have enough clothes, so, she could not ever say no to your cute and meaningful gifts like a T-shirt. Moreover, she can present her strong vegan spirit and gets excited with a 100% cotton T-shirt more than a stunning luxuries dress from wool or leather. 

Basic T-shirts are the best to choose, and you can wear them like couple shirts with another run-of-the-mill saying, there's a bunch available in the store. 

7. Books for vegan girls 

Novels are always recommended for girls. Better than that, a vegan memoir book can comes beyond expectations. She will love to bury herself in the armchair and enjoy every word of the book. Giving her a book with words for her fragile soul express how sincere and caring you are. And that means something like “you are doing a great job.” 

8. Vegan chocolate - Sweets for girlfriends

Chocolate fits the best for girls in love. You can consider some brands which produce vegan chocolate with diversity of flavors such as M&M. The sweet look and dairy-free chocolate pieces are believed to satisfy her the most. Instead of boring sugary or salty snack, those chocolate pieces are a high-class snack for your cuddling night with movies. 

9. Blenders - Another best friends

Besides a dessert maker she has already got at home, there should be another for your couple trips. How happy she could be if she can bring her recipes to anywhere and enjoy high-class homemade vegan dishes by herself in far lands.

A high-speed blender such as Vitamix will be an ideal gift for a vegan girl who loves cooking. Giving it to her, you promise her the most delicious and healthy dessert. 

10. Dehydrator for dried herbs and fruits 

Another kitchen device I would like to recommend is a dehydrator. It’s new to the kitchen but very friendly to raw vegans. If your girl loves fruits, no reasons to resign this gift. 

The dehydrator with multiple drawers is capable of drying plenty of fruits, prepare snacks for a group of vegans in a short time. Modern driers are supposed to contain plenty of slices and prepare kale or veggie chips with automatic shutoff.

11. Vegan palette - All-time girls’ favorite

None of the girls resists make-up kits and not any man can think of a vegan cosmetic for his girl. Thus, you impress her if you gift your vegan girl this awesome eyeshadow kit. However, you can express your consideration but also your mindless if you didn’t pay enough attention. Many cosmetic products are tested on animals or some is made with beeswax. Vegan will not appreciate it at any point. 

12. Extraordinary vegan bath bars and bombs 

I save the best for the last because I insist that people can hardly think of it. Make-up kits, clothes, and cookbooks may be so easy to figure out, but bath bars and bombs are another amaze. Nourish your girl to every moment of her life with little bath bars and bombs. 

For the girl who adores and cherish, you can never get enough of the idea which you want to give her. However, a present can tell how much you care and respect to her vegan lifestyle. Pay attention to any lines of product description then pick the right thing for her with love wrapped in. You can win her one more time. Unlike to others, vegans are sophisticated and careful to animals, start to think seriously of the present for her especially for individual cases. Finally, the best gift is supposed to convey how much you support and love the way she is doing with animals, and you are joining her on the road.