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Funny Gifts For Vegan: 10 Hilarious Ideas

funny gifts for vegans

It’s never an easy job to choose a cool present for your vegan friends. You can think of plenty of stuff to give out. However, those which are funny and hilarious can do more than just a present. Therefore, there are some suggestions for you, especially as you are stuck of finding something for your best friend who is vegan and super humorous.

The presents are ten most hilarious gifts for vegan. I bet some of them are unexpected for you. Moreover, you can be more creative referring to the list.


1. T-shirts - customs and undeniable gift idea.

I cannot resist picking T-shirts as gifts for my friends no matter who are they. You will have limitless offers,and they are never out of date. The same goes for vegans, they still need T-Shirts, and with a hilarious and emotional such as “I don’t eat anything that poops!” printing, the shirt is out of expectation. Another choice for you is unlimited in the store. Why do I make sure about it? Vegans are not interested in anything derived from animals. There are many shirts you can choose for vegan. However, make sure that the shirt from vegan materials, such as cotton or polyester. Something you might mistake is wool or down which touch the best but for vegan no matter how funny they are.

2. Mugs - Other both ordinary and extraordinary gift

Mugs are another common idea for any gift. However, if you upgrade the present by something extraordinary, no vegan could deny. And yes, this mug is another personalized present you could give your friends beside T-shirt. I believe that with a little sense of humor, you can choose a mug which your friends can’t stand laughing at while drinking at any time and that’s such satisfaction if a vegan can go happily when they look at it.

Mug can come with different design and they can be hand drawn in case you are good at it. A durable mug with funny vegan painting will become a sweet gift.

3. Towel- Have you thought about?

Towels are not common gifts, but you should give it a try due to its usefulness and cuteness for both givers and takers. I bet your vegan friends can get a huge surprise when they open the gift box. Its’ primary purpose is for bathing, but the vegan can use in Yoga class, on the beach or in the gymnastics room. I would like to recommend the towels for your friends, kids or family. And as T-shirt or mug, a towel is necessary no matter who you are.

To choose a perfect towel for vegan, you should pay attention to the material. Best vegan material for a towel should be polyester.

4. Underwear - can’t standing laughing at first sight

It’s so hilarious if your lovely vegan friends open their eyes and find a set of bra and thong inside. No doubt that they could scream in excitement and surprise. Bras and thongs are essential for anyone and many people can’t get enough. They are something to change frequently so do not worry that you gift stay in wardrobe forever provide you do not choose non-vegan material

I have nothing to say, but it’s only for girls. You could give it or your vegan besties or sisters and gain more love from them for how considerate you are. A box gift of underwear for girlfriend or boyfriend can bring your love in a new level of romance.

5. Apron- Lovely and funny outfit for vegan cooks

Apron is a perfect gift for any family members who love cooking, not only vegan. If they love cooking, this gift become sweetest than ever, if they are not into kitchen and recipes, it turns out to be a humorous reminder. However, aprons are not for cooking only. You can use for painting activities or carpenter job, for example. I can image the funniest situation come when I give it to my vegan brothers who seem never cook at the house.

6. Pillowcase - Gifts for sleepy vegan

It is absolutely what you should look for your besties if he or she is a pure vegan who love staying in the bed. Lovely pillow with a humorous reminder can help your friend smile from the night before to the next morning.

The pillowcases are usually in canvas (the fiber made from linen and cotton)but make sure that the fill is not from down or feather. Vegan does not welcome them.

7. Phone case for stylish vegan

Phone case can be funny at the point that no one could think you give it as a gift. That’s total surprise and you could make it more unique and funny with some hand-paintings. Let’s try to cheer up a stylish vegan who love colors and veggies.

Who say vegans do not have tase? Their taste come sophisticated more than you thought. Let’s wake his vegan sense of humor up by a phone case which barely any one can think of a gift. If you are not a vegan, it’s safest to choose a phone case because almost all of them are from plastic so do not worry about the material, but be careful if decoration is painted with beeswax (even though, it almost never happens).

8. Storytelling cookbook- Real personal and awesome gifts for vegan cook

For vegan, we should not miss cookbooks. Almost all vegan can cook and enjoy cooking because their menu is not various at the beginning. However, find a recipes book with story such as skeptical vegan or Seitanic spellbook, … besides creative recipes for vegan. Funny stories come up with every moment of cooking then your vegan friends can enjoy cooking more than usual.

9. Vegan coloring book

The coloring is the all-time entertainment, and it fits anyone who loves art. But, for vegan coloring job, coloring book turn out to be unexpected and most welcomed gift ideas. Vegan can have fun with all paintings in the book, discover vegan troubles they might catch up with in future or memorize their first days struggling with a new way of life. Vegan will confront some troubles with their eating habit and viewpoints to animals, some of them cannot get enough support at first place but They will come through. And I want to recommend you guys a funny and entertaining way to foretell struggles in coloring books for vegans

10. Cutting board - never ever expected present

How do you feel when you take a cutting board as a present? How funny! I bet not many people can think of this gift and vegan get super surprised. Not a cooking machine or a blender that everyone could think about easily, but a cutting board. Not the present but the giving can become a funny story for everyone later.

To sum up, whatever you choose for vegan, pay attention to materials and words. If you can make sure that the gift is created from vegan ingredients, you are considerate and caring, Let’s words do the hilarious part. Here we go the top ten weird and funny gift ideas for vegan and good luck with that.

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