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10 marvelous gifts for roller skaters you never know

gifts for roller skaters

Are you desperate for suitable gifts for roller skaters? Stop your quest and read below. You may find the answer right in this article.

1. T-shirts

There is probably one thing roller skaters love more than their skateboards. It is a cool t-shirt! Roller skaters have their styles. Their fashion styles are most apparent when wearing a relevant t-shirt.

That being said, a cool t-shirt is all that it takes to go from zero to hero. When it comes to selecting suitable a shirt, you need to bear in mind who you buy it for. If the skater is a girl, ask for her favorite color.

If not, any cold hue such as black or dark demi would be okay.

2. Mugs

Roller skating is just a regular hobby. It is a sport! Either the way, roller skaters need to drink a substantial amount of water to keep your body hydrated. While most players remember to bring their transportable water bottle, I would suggest another accessory with it: a foldable mug.

Many people fail to think it is a desirable gift but hey you have to think about it again. I’m pretty sure that roller skaters love to skate together. While one remembers to bring his or her bottle, the other may not.

With a foldable mug, the skating friends can easily share water. Some people don’t like to let other drink directly from their bottles.

3. Face stickers

When it comes to expressing individuality and adding flair to their roller skating adventures, face stickers have become a popular trend among skaters. These playful and vibrant adornments allow roller skaters to personalize their looks and showcase their unique personalities on and off the rink.

While there are plenty of face stickers available in the market, opting for custom face stickers takes the gifting experience to a whole new level. By creating custom face stickers, you can capture the skater’s essence and design stickers that align perfectly with their style and preferences. Whether it’s their favorite roller skating quotes, funky patterns, or even their own artwork, face stickers offer a delightful way to make a roller skater’s day and add an extra touch of fun to their skating journey.

4. Bearing Wash

Do you know the biggest nightmare for a roller skater? A dirty pair of roller skates! These items are like our shoes. They are in contact with dirt all the time.

As a result, they are easy to get stains.

In this case, as a friend, you can always buy your friend a bottle of bionic bearing wash. I suggest this band, but you can buy a different one. Bearing wash products can help to keep the skates dust-free and clean. Don’t forget to wrap it with a nice paper to surprise your friend.

5. Bearing Lubricant

Skating will no longer be fun if the rollers are not lubricated. Frizzy wheels will reduce the traction with the ground. They can sometimes cause noises. How to deal with this problem?

Most skaters will buy themselves a bearing lubricant. Since this lubricant is a must-have item for all roller skaters, it will be a perfect candidate for gifts. I would suggest you buy your friend’ s favorite brand. It could be Qube or anything else.

If you want to keep it as a secret, go to the shop and ask for assistance.

6. Adjustable Toe Stop Wrench

If you are not a hardcore roller skater, chances are you will never understand the importance of an adjustable toe stop wrench. This little guy can do anything from tightening stoppers to adjust trucks.

You don’t have to buy a super expensive, hi-quality wrench. What you need to look for is a suitable small one. It should not be massive because it may not fit the roller skate. If you feel confused, ask the shop assistant for help.

7. Y3 Skate Tool

In case your friend has been skating for long, she or he may ask for something more sophisticated. I would recommend the Y tool from PowerDyne. Again, this is not the best brand, so you can choose any brands that offer reasonable price and good features.

The Y skate tool has it all. It comes with toe stop wrench for bolts, different sizes of nut drive for lock nuts. The price is higher than a single wrench of course. But if you want to impress your skating addict, this is an excellent choice.

8. Skating kits

The skating kits might not be a good idea for experienced skaters because they probably know what they want. However, if your friend is just a starter, this gift is perfect. You can even buy it for frequent skaters who are looking for a reliable change.

A skating kit should include a pair of skates, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, toe protection, mouth guards and lube. If somehow you feel this kit is a bit bulky, try to buy one bit at a time.

9. Helmets

And by one bit, I mean it. What if your friend doesn’t need the whole set of skates? What if the only thing he or she needs is just a brand new helmet?

You got it!

The hardest thing about buying a helmet is to choose the right size. You might need to take a look at your friend’s old helmet or ask he/she directly. Other than that, you should also put colors into consideration.

10. Knee pads

Knee pads are another must-have items for skaters. Regardless of how experienced you are, you can still get serious knee injuries if you don’t care. That is why every serious skater will put their knee pads on.

If you ever notice your friend need a new pair, then you should get he or she one. You see, knee pads aren’t expensive, and they can be handy too. Your friend will very much appreciate this gift.

11. Skate bags

Last but not least, a skate bag should be the most beautiful and thoughtful gift you can get to your besties. Skating is fun, we all know that. But that doesn’t mean one has to skate the whole time.

A skate bag will help skaters to bring their items from places to places without dragging the skates along. You can consider to nylon skate bag or leather one. The price isn’t much different.

The bottom line

Trust me; I have been where you are. Finding suitable gifts for roller skaters when you have little knowledge about the game isn’t fun. However, I do hope that you see some brilliant idea from my list. Follow my blog for more gift ideas!