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Top 10 funny beer gifts for your beerholic friends

funny beer gifts

What does a beer lover want? He wants more beer of course! 

If you ever think like this, you need to consider again. Because buying beer for your beerholic friends will not be a good idea as he can do that himself. Below are the top 10 funny beer gifts that your friends will love. 

Check it out! 


1. USA Beer Cap Map

A bottle of beer can give you more than hours of fun. Every single part of a container can be utilized. A beerholic will want to collect different caps from various brands. 

What is better than giving him a USA beer cap map? The cap offers 50 places for 50 different beer caps. Of course, if he is not a big fan of USA map, you can always buy by him his favorite country map. 

Let’s see how excited your friend will be receiving your gift!

2. Beer Stuff Survival Kit

This is just another perfect gift for a beer lover. Let’s distract him a bit from drinking and surprise him with this beer stuff survival kit. So, what’s special about this kit?

The kit includes six awesome beery items that will make your friends go nut. First of all, there are 3 bars of beer soaps with the smell of Breakfast Stout, Hard Cider and Tropical Large.

Then, your friend will have hot sauce infused with beer, a bag of beery candy and finally an opener. Be careful because the opener is made of recycled whiskey barrels, so it can’t be used to open caps. 

3. Personalized Pub Pint Glasses

Drinking beer without glasses? How about no? 

If your friend is a beer-addict, he will probably say the same. To beer lovers, glasses are quite crucial for the drinking process. That’s why a set of personalized pub glasses should be a good idea. 

Unlike other ordinary glasses, these are personalized. That means you can print anything you want or your friend wants on the glasses. How wonderful is that? Imagine drinking beer with your friends with your glasses?

4. Home Brew Beer Making Kit

At some certain point when drinking beer becomes a personal culture, one doesn’t want just to drink. Knowing this, you should give him a homebrew beer making kit as a gift.
This is a small kit for beginners who love to try his beer. 

Those who want to start their home brewery also love this kit. 

The DIY beer making is a beer lovers’ dream. If you are short of gift ideas for your friends’ birthday, Christmas or whatever, buy him a homebrew kit. He would appreciate it very much

5. Custom Tap Handle

Right, if your friends love fresh beer from the tap, it is perfect to give him a custom tap handle. This is again a very personal gift. You just don’t go out and choose any random tap handle just for the sake of a gift.

You should ask your friends about what kind of tap handle he wants. Or if you are already close and know what he would say, then go ahead and buy one yourself. Many beer brands offer tap handles with their names. 

However, if your friends aren’t interested, you shouldn’t buy any. 

6. Beer Aroma Booster

What is a bear aroma booster? This may seem weird to non-alcohol drinkers, but seasonal beers need a boost to stay tasty. While it is hard to find such perfect taste in bars, one can do boost beer aroma at home with the help of this item. 

Your friend will love this product for numerous reasons. It is cool. And it works. A beer aroma booster helps to make every beer lovers’ dream come true. 

7. 45 Degree Latitude Beer Growler

Who doesn’t like craft beer? However, if you don’t drink it immediately, chances are the beer will no longer taste good. This is why craft beer can only be served at the bar. But things have changed with the advent of 45-degree latitude beer growler. 

This guy makes sure that newly poured beer tastes as good as new. It features powder coated and matte finish, preventing any leaking problems. The glower allows the beer to stay fresh within 6 hours. What is a catch!

8. Beer Soap

Beer soaps would be a hilarious gift for beer lovers. Your friend may not want to bath in beer, but he will never refuse such genius gifts. 

Bear soaps are made with real beer. That being said, you can find favor such as Vanilla Porter, hoppy IPA or Oatmeal Stout. Beer is skin-friendly and nutritious. So you don’t have to worry if your friends have allergic or something against it. 

9. Drinking Horn Mug

If you are looking for a unique beer gift, this indeed is. The drinking horn mug looks so cool your friend will thank you for being such a thoughtful buddy. This is indeed a mug to impress other beer drinkers. 

10. T-shirt 

What should you wear when you go out with your drinking buddy? A t-shirt seems to be a mainstream idea but hey it will not if there is something funny on it. If you are in a hurry and couldn’t think of anything for your beer buddy, a shirt is a great option. 

What you could buy is the one with funny drunken quotes that make your friend laugh looking at it. Or a plain t-shirt could also be a good idea. Make sure that you choose his favorite color. 

The bottom line 

So, my friends, you don’t have to look any further for the funny beer gifts for your beerholic friends because this list is all that you need. Just think of what you should give to your friend and find it in the local store. You and your friends will not be disappointed by these brilliant items.