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Top 8 awesome gifts for skydivers to buy for your besties

gifts for skydivers

Skydiving is a thrilling sport that many people take a keen interest in. If your friends are among those people who love this sport, you may want to impress them with awesome gifts for skydivers.

1. 100% Reusable Night Jump Light Kit

Skydivers would never refuse fun-searching night jumps. Night jumps have become an indispensable part of skydivers, especially who want to make this sport as their career.

Of course, if your friends just want to do night jump one time and never again, you should consider buying something else. This night jump light kit is very durable and reusable. It is suitable for people who do frequent night jumps.

A light kit should include LED glow sticks, an emergency whistle, and instruction to replace the battery. Let’s surprise your bestie skydivers by this fantastic gift.

2. T-shirts

Skydiving isn’t just a sport; it is a lifestyle. While some people don’t want to talk about their hobbies and job out loud, others want to let the world know. If your friends are such, why don’t you buy them skydiving t-shirts?

A t-shirt has more than one use. It is, of course, a thing to put over our body; however, it could also be a sign for our hobbies as well.

How thrilled your friends will be to wear a shirt to indicate their love for skydiving? It must be an absolute delight for them to receive such a lovely gift.


For an even more personalized gift for a skydiver, consider creating a custom photo wallet featuring pictures of them in action. This unique and practical gift will not only keep their essentials organized but also remind them of their thrilling experiences in the sky. Another idea could be to create a photo collage of their best skydiving moments and have it printed on a canvas or framed as a wall decoration. It’s always a great feeling to receive a gift that’s been made specifically for you, and a custom photo wallet or a photo collage is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for their passion for skydiving.

4. Mugs

In case your friends aren’t much of a shirt lover. A mug can work too. Even though your besties couldn’t carry their cup around, but they will undoubtedly remember you whenever they drink tea or coffee from your mug.

My tip is to choose a fresh and skydiving-related mug. You can add some personal touch on your gift by the color or the shape of the cup, but don’t stray too far from the line. Because it would be ridiculous to give your friend a mug that he or she doesn’t like it.

5. Skydiver Daily Backpack

What do you think a skydiver will bring to work? A parachute? No way! They need to bring all sorts of thing. Therefore, nothing is more appropriate than a skydiver daily backpack.

A skydiver backpack should be durable but lightweight and spacious. I suggest you look for items that offer dual zippers, padded back, and light ripstop material. These features are essential to make a great backpack.

Remember to choose one with the receiver’s favorite color. I’m sure he or she would fall in love with the gift instantly.

6. Skydiving Calendar

A skydiving table calendar is an excellent gift idea as well when you come to think of it. First of all, it helps to keep track of time. This gift is perfect to mark down important events or essential jumps. What’s more, it should be a lovely table decoration.

I would suggest you find a real skydiving calendar, not just any calendar. Pictures from skydiving calendar will remind the owner of the time when he or she enjoys flying in the sky.

I understand that a calendar is a specific gift because you can only buy it on special occasions such as Christmas or in December. However, I still have plenty of gift ideas for you, so don’t worry my friends!

7. Neck Gaiter

It is cold up there; therefore skydivers need to wear suitable clothes to keep themselves warm. I would suggest you buy a neck gaiter as a gift. This is an ideal item to keep the neck area warm. It also looks very much trendy.

There are different colors, patterns and styles for you to choose. I’m pretty sure your friends will be grateful to receive such a thoughtful gift.

8. Selections Skydiving Photo Book by Michael McGowan

A gift for skydivers doesn’t always have to be something that they use for their jobs. It could be anything related to skydiving. That’s why Selections Skydiving Photo Book by Michael McGowan would make an excellent gift here.

Whenever your friends have time, they can just open the book and take a look at the marvelous pictures of the earth and sky.

9. Helmet

Well, you may think to wear a helmet while skydiving is such an unnecessary thing. If we fall from the ground, we inevitably die. Unlike helmets for motorbikes, skydiving helmet is not there to protect our head from injuries.

You must wear helmets while skydiving because of the wind. Wearing a proper helmet will help to protect your face and hair. It shields mighty wind from flattering your face.

What’s more, skydivers can attach their cameras on the helmet, so that they can take beautiful pictures.

If there is a must-buy item as a gift for skydivers, then I dare say it is a helmet.


The bottom line

I know how hard it is to find the best gifts for skydivers when you have no idea what it is. But I believe that you will find lots of ideas to buy for your besties on this list.