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Don’t miss these 15 inspiring gift ideas for drummers!

gift ideas for drummers

Finding a great gift for someone has never been easy. But if you understand this person’s personality or passion, you will find it easier to give he/she a gift.

Besides drum, what drummers would love? Is it something to show their personalities or just some drum-related gifts? If you're going to give a present for a drummer, here are 15 fascinating gift ideas you shouldn't miss! Whatever the occasion is, these gift ideas are guaranteed to please them. 


1. Visual 3D Night light Desk Lamp featured drums images 

These visual 3D lamps which is inspired from the drum set is a great high-tech gift for your drummers. With this gift, you leave the presence of drum to them even when they are sleeping.

Owning this stylish gift is also a good way for your drummer to show his/her passion. If your drummer is a trend-leader, let give them this gift right away! 

2. Drum mutes for standard-sized kits

If your drummer often practices the drum at home, this would be a useful gift for them. As a drum mute can reduce more than 90% volume, it allows the player to quietly practising the drum at home without worrying about volume control.

One little note for you is that this item is available in package, included standard drum size: 12-13-16 inch and 14 inch (snare drum). 

3. 4-Pad Tabletop Electronic Drum Kit 

This is a particular gift for drummers who like the electronic drum tones. Your drummer can use this device to compose new pieces of music or practice drum electronic tones. 

Like standard drums, the sensor of this electronic drum is drummed by drumsticks or by hands (depending on drum type), and they are played in the same way as other drums.

Although electronic drums are not entirely silent as they are still instruments, they and their corresponding devices often produce far less acoustic noise than traditional drums. Moreover, these drums are light in weight, so your drummers can practice at home or easily carry them to any other places.

4. Wireless Over-ear Stereo Headphones

Not only drummers, anyone who works in the field of music needs a headphone. A wireless headphone would be much more convenient for the wearer to focus on the melody and to be not distracted during practice. 

If you’re going to give this gift to your drummer, you must carefully consider the quality of the headphones. As drummers are not only responsible for the tempo but also have to keep up with other members in the band, they need a headphone that is specially designed for them. 

5. T-shirts for drummers

There is a collection of T-shirt for drummers that you cannot miss! No drummers can stand the charm of a T-shirt featured famous drummers' quotes or the manifesto of the drummer with distinctive images.

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Whether it's a boy or girl, drummers T-shirts are always recommended gift that fit any occasions. 

6. Water bottle for Drummer

If you want to give a gift to your drummer on a not so magnitude occasion, don’t forget this item.

Since drummers often have to sit for a long time and rarely move out of the room, a bottle of water will be handy for them. It would be great if the bottle which you give to your drummer is featured with some drums decorated images or good quotes about drummers.

7. Metronome

As mentioned above, drummers need an excellent device that helps them and the band in sync so a metronome will be a useful gift for them. 

There are various types of metronome out there but make sure you choose a good one with more comfortable tempo setting and can be used as a mechanical device or as a more complex one. 

8. Tune-bot Drum Tuner 

Many drummers love Tune-bot Drum Tuner as it is an excellent device that enables drummers to tune the drums to specific notes accurately. 

Your drummer can count on this small device for fast and consistent melody without worrying about the soundcheck. Isn't it a great gift? 

9. Drum Throne 

A comfortable drum throne for drummers is absolutely essential as drummers have to work or practice for a long time in a particular position. Whether you are intending to give a gift to a male or female drummers, this will be a dedicated gift to show how much you care about her/his health.

10. Drummers Survival Kit 

Don’t forget this gift idea as drummers survival kit is especially helpful when they are in deep water. It is a must-have item whenever your drummers practice or do the rehearsal. Let's check it out! 

11. Noise Reduction Ear Plugs 

For drummers, besides the hands, ears are body part that they should carefully protect as them often work in high-level volumes. That’s why noise reduction ear plugs are gift for drummers that you can’t miss! 

With specialised design which can block or muffle ambient sound, these earplugs can protect drummers from hearing problems. If your drummer doesn’t have one, give it to them now! 

12. Recording devices 

This is a great gift idea for drummers. While everyone can record with a computer/laptop/smartphone, a particular instrument for recording will be more professional and, of course, provide better quality.

By using this recording device, drummers can relisten what they have played to improve their skills and variations for other genres. 

13. A set of drum heads 

Are you looking for great gifts, and yes, a little bit expensive, in great occasion for drummers? Let consider a set of drumheads now. 

Different drum heads will produce different quality of sound. If your drummer is a professional one and has drummed for years, you should give them a high-quality set of drum heads and, maybe, more expensive than a regular one.

14. Pro-Tec Multi-Tom Bag with Wheels 

Why don’t you choose this practical gift idea? As drummers love drums than any other things, they will always take care of and protect the drums from being scratched. A pro tec multi-tom bag with wheels not only does this well, but it also makes drums transportation easy.

15. Drum Hardware Upgrade Package

Drummers often have these items already, but a better one would not be a problem. You should consider buying a highly functional stand with lightweight for more comfortable transportation or a set of drum hardware upgrade that its designer fits your drummer’s style. 

When buying these items for your drummers, remember to consider about their drum kit he/she had, boom stand or straight stand or a convertible one that combined these two types of position. Don’t forget about the flexibility of the hinged height adjustments. 

Hope you can find the gift you want to give to your drummers among 15 inspiring gift ideas above. 

Whoever you want to give a present, you should provide the things that they like rather than the things you want to give them. Drummers love drum-related things, but if they're particularly interested in something else, do not hesitate to give it to them.