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This is the list of 11 personalized gifts for hairstylist

hair stylist gifts personalized

If a beloved one, a friend, or someone important in your life is a hair stylist, what gifts will you give them? If you really care about that person, the gift you give them is not only useful but also can reflect their personalities.

Among the myriad of gifts out there, some gifts are individually designed for hair stylists. To save time, we have listed a list of attractive personalized hair stylist gifts. Let’s check them out!

1. Funny mug for a hairstylist

This is a practical gift for your hairstylist on any occasion. The hilarious images or jokes about hairdresser printed on the mug will inspire and make them feel happy whenever they see it.

Besides, since a hairdresser often forgets to drink enough water due to high work intensity, the presence of the mug will always remind your hairstylist to drink even when he/she is busy.

2. Hand stamped jewellery for hair stylist

This would be a interesting gift idea for your female hair stylist. It would be a necklace, a ring or bracelets, etc.

A hand stamped jewellery like beaded bracelets for women that featurs hairdresser’s tools is not only cute and unique but also proves their pride in what they are skilled. It would be great if you design by yourself and order this unique jewellery for them.

3. Professional Hair Cutting Scissors

No hairstylist does not need a set of professional hair cutting scissors. Whether they already have one, they will also need new scissors in the future.

If you intend to give this gift to your hairstylist, let consider giving them a good one that comes from a well-known brand name. The price may be a bit high, but the quality will be guaranteed.

4. Hairstylist miniature clock

5. Professional hair dryer

Why don’t you give your hair stylist a gift that he/she can use every day? Hair dryer is crucial item whenever the hairdresser want to make any hairstyle. A professional blow dryer not only produces low noises, has less heat damage but also provides user with different styling nozzles.

6. Water bottle designed for hair stylist

As the hair stylist often travels a lot, the water bottle will be a useful gift for them. In particular, drawings related to the hairdresser or good quotes about their career would make them feel excited whenever they see it. If I were about to give this gift to my hairstylist, I would refer metal water bottle to plastic bottle.

7. T-shirts for hair stylist

Who doesn’t need unique T-shirts made only for them? So do hair stylists. There is a collection of T-shirts inspired by hair stylists on the market. They can be simple T-shirts with art prints or quotes related to the hair styling.

T-shirts for a hair stylist is a safe and appropriate gift idea that can fit on all occasions. Whether your hair stylist is male or female, you can give this gift to them. Let check it out!

8. Hairdresser keychain

This is another personalized gift idea for a hair stylist that you can give them on a casual occasion. A hairdresser keychain will follow them wherever they go and reminds them of what they love doing.

9. Hairstylist wall art (printed picture)

If your hair stylist has her/his own salon, do not hesitate to give her/him this gift. A set of wall art inspired by hairdresser would be a great home decoration for your hair stylist.

When buying this gift, don’t forget to consider the size and texture to match the wall of his/her house. Besides, there are various types of wall art for your consideration, such as canvas, watercolour drawing, glass prints, and even wall stickers! Don’t miss them!

10. Phone grips for the hairdresser

A phone grip enables people to grip and hold the phone/table more comfortable. But there are some phone grips featured hairdresser art that your hairstylist would love. Using grips with decorative images is a simple way for the hairdresser to show people their passion and profession.

This small and practice gift would fit the casual occasion

11. A set of head wrap scarf

If your hair stylist is a romantic girl, this will be a fascinating personalized gift for her. Especially if she often wears simple clothes, these head wrap scarves will be the perfect highlight for the whole set of clothes.

Whether her style is chic, trendy, or cute, a collection of head wrap scarf that varies in colours and designs will suit every situation.

With the 11 personalized gift ideas above, hopefully, you will find the right gift for your hair stylist, or at least, get inspired to give them some things. Do not forget, give them the gift they like, not just the ones you love.