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What are 13 best personalized gifts for drummers?

personalized gifts for drummers

Drummers are talented artists who are always immersed in artistic works, constantly striving to improve each day. However, they also need support and encouragement from the people around them. Therefore, gifts that show you understand them and support them will show how much you love them.

So, let check out 13 best personalized gifts for drummers below! 


1. Drumstick bag/holder

There are no drummers who do not want a drumstick bag or holder. This is a crucial tool to keep the drumsticks and not to be scratched. Moreover, a drummer usually have more than a pair of sticks, a drumstick holder will help them keep these sticks better without losing. 

There are many types of drumstick holders, vary from waterproof fabric to cylinder shape, with full range colour. 

2. Recording devices 

This is a great gift idea for artists in general and drummers specifically as they always need to record what they had played. By using this device, drummers can record for cover, listen to what they had played to improve skills, as well as have a more focus on critical listening. 

A set of recording equipment may include an audio interface, mics, recording programme, etc. You don’t need to give them all those things at a time, just find out what is the things that they need most among this set of recording devices. Let find it out! 

3. Metronome

Just like recording devices, the metronome is an indispensable item to drummers, specially for beginners. In practising, metronome emits regular beats corresponding to the tempo number and helps drummers customise their tempo speed. By using metronome, drummer can always be on the same page with other band members. 

If your drummer has just begun playing the drums, this would be a meaningful gift that helps them keep up with the band. 

4. Isolation Headphones for Hearing Protection

Because drummers often have to practice and work in high volume environments, a hearing protection item is always useful. This gift will show your drummer how much you care about her/him. 

The isolation headphones for hearing protection is an ideal gift for drummers in practising as it can reduce the overall noise and prevent their ears from hearing damage. 

5. Drum cases 

This is a simple but practical gift that you can give them in any occasions. Drummers love their drum, of course, and that’s why they always need drum cases. Even when your drummers already had this case, you can still give he/she a new one for randomly change.

6. T-shirts for drummers

Drummers' T-shirt is a great personalized gift for drummers that you cannot miss! Wearing T-shirts featured drum things is a good way for drummers to show their personalities, as well as express their manifesto. There is a collection of T-shirt featured drummers quotes and images out there. Don’t miss it! 

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Moreover. if your lover is a drummer, what is cuter than buying a couple T-shirts for both of you? 

7. LED Drum lighting system

This is an excellent gift for the energetic drummer or one who regularly have night performance. LED lights wrapped around the drums not only make the player more prominent but also help them feel excited when playing the music.

8. Led light drumstick

If a LED Drum lighting system is too much, LED light drumstick will be a nice gift that you can consider. As these sticks can create amazing visual effects when playing, they make drummers more enthralled and excited. 

9. Snare Drum

If you want to give your beginner drummer, especially the young one, a gift for encouragement, the snare drum would be a suitable one. This type of drum is a excellent gift for starters as it helps clear out unwanted overtones while still keeping the actual tone. 

Remember that if you give this to your kid drummer, he/she will need a suitable stand that fits their height

10. Tablet and phone mount

Tablet and phone mounts would be a useful gift for your drummers when they need to record what they had played or watch video while practising. This gift fits on any regular occasions. 

You should give them a tablet/phone mounts along with a stand so they can choose the appropriate angle to place the device. 

11. Phone cases for drummers 

These are great personalized gifts for any drummers which you can easily find and buy online. Besides the decoration that related to drummers (such as drummer quotes or images), do not forget to consider the colour and border design. 

Dummer’s phone case is not only a necessary item that will always be with them anywhere but also the way they show others what they love. 

12. Drumstick grips

If your drummers don’t have any drumstick grips, why don’t buy one for them? These grips help to keep friction force stable and reduce hand fatigue so drummers can play longer and faster. 

You can give this gift to your drummers on not-so-important occasions. This small but delicate gift shows how much you care about his/her. 

13. Special drum album 

Unique drum album that your drummer is a dedicated gift that can show how much you understand your his/her passion. Although this gift is not easy to find, if you can give your drummer, it will make their heart melted.


It would be great if the record you give to your drummer is played by his/her idol artist. And the older the album, the more precious it is. 

Sometimes an expensive gift is not as good as a meaningful gift. Drummers love what related to drum, and want to bring what they love into their daily lives. That's why useful or drum-related gifts would be the most suitable for them. 

Hope you are satisfied with the 13 personalized gifts for drummers above and can find the right one.