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12 Fantastic Jiu-jitsu Gift Ideas That You Should Not Miss

jiu jitsu gift ideas

Is your beloved one a jiu-jitsu fighter? If your answer is yes, have you had difficulty in finding gifts for he or she? 

Choosing gifts for someone is never an easy task, even though you know that person well. This task may become impossible if that person is a jiu-jitsu enthusiast.

It takes you a lot of time and effort to find out what are the best gifts for a jiu-jitsu fighter. That's why we've selected some fantastic jiu-jitsu gift ideas that a jiu-jitsu fanatic would love. Let's check it out!


1. Keychains for jiu-jitsu fighters

Is there anything that your jiu-jitsu fighters would love among various kinds of keychains? It may be a keychain with carved jiu-jitsu inspirational quotes, or it may be an irony keychain that looks like jiu-jitsu fighters. These keychains will always remind them about the martial art that they enthused. 

If your jiu-jitsu practitioner has just level up, a coloured martial art belt keychain may be the best choice. This coloured belts are not a part of the kimono but also a way to show the practitioner's strength and level

2. Free private lessons 

Who doesn't want a private lesson with a well-trained instructor? Jiu-jitsu enthusiasts who want to make progress every day would love this kind of gift. By taking these one-on-one sessions, they can take what they have learned to the next level. 

A private course often comes in a block of 1, 5 or 10 lessons and usually last for 1 hours. The price varies, depending on the level of the learner. Some course will offer a discount for a special occasion, so you should carefully consider before buying. 

3. Jiu-jitsu phone stickers

Is this a real thing? Yes, it is. RDW brand who specialises in producing sports style stickers has a set of jiu-jitsu armbar submission sticker. 

This kind of stickers can be stuck not only on your mobile phone but also on your tablet, laptop, and even on the vehicle body. Each purchased item comes in a pair, and there are a variety of colours for your consideration. 

This simple but interesting jiu-jitsu gift idea would fit in any occasions. 

4. Flak jacket dual armour phone cover with kick-stand 

Here's another phone accessory explicitly created for jiu-jitsu enthusiasts and other similar martial arts. The double layer cover which can provide drop protection is the most suitable one for those who often perform physical exercises. 

5. Jiu-jitsu natural soaps

After a hard workout, who does not want to be clean with natural soap? That's why Hawaii Jiu-jitsu Kimono Soap with natural ingredients made only for jiu-jitsu practitioners would be a good option that you should not miss.

As being made from tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil essential, this Hawaii Jiu-jitsu Kimono Soap not only brings the relaxation feeling of practising meditation but also can protect skin from fungus, bacteria and other diseases. 

6. Books that a jiu-jitsu enthusiast would love 

Giving books as a gift brings lots of meaning to the receiver. However, as books are personal things, the one that you gave to jiu-jitsu enthusiastic must mean something to them. So, how about a book on jiu-jitsu martial art? 

7. Clothes featured jiu-jitsu martial arts 

What about a practical jiu-jitsu gift idea? True jiu-jitsu practitioners always feel proud of the martial art that they have put in many efforts and enthusiasm. Off the mat, wearing some clothes that featured quotes about jiu-jitsu martial arts is a good way to show others what they love. 

If you're finding a perfect gift that is suitable for most jiu-jitsu fighters, clothes are always a good choice. Jiu-jitsu inspired clothes are diverse, vary from long sleeve to short sleeve tees, from shorts to jogger sweatpants. Moreover, T-shirts collections featured jiu-jitsu inspirational quotes will get these practitioners excited. Check it now!

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8. Finger tape

Trauma is unavoidable while practising martial arts, especially injury in the wrist and fingers. That's the reason why finger tape will be a practical gift for those who usually take jiu-jitsu training. 

There're various types of finger tape on the market now, but the most preferable is Armadillo skin finger tape. Many practitioners love this finger tape as it is quite durable and provides excellent protection for your fingers. 

9. Jiu-jitsu wristbands

Just like these mentioned above keychains, jiu-jitsu wristbands are small but meaningful gifts that the practitioners can bring along every time. 

You can choose simple jiu-jitsu bracelets made from silicone or handmade bracelets secured by metal buckles. These wristbands are available in all the colours from white to black to match the current level of the practitioner and remind them what they got so far. Let consider to buy one!

10. Jiu-jitsu bags

Bags are personal as people usually paid attention to what others wear. A bag featured jiu-jitsu art decoration would probably match your jiu-jitsu fighters' personalities. 

This useful gifts will follow your jiu-jitsu fanatic whenever they go. Perfect jiu-jitsu bag would make an ideal jiu-jitsu adventure, right? 

11. Essential supplements 

Among a lot of supplements made for jiu-jitsu practitioners out there, it would definitely have a right one for your jiu-jitsu fighters.


Since each supplement will focus on supporting one type of the body's function, you need to consider carefully before choosing. It will be easier if you buy the product from the brands your practitioner trusted, or intend to buy.

12. Brand new Gi

New Gi is always a simple but practical gift, espectially for those who wear a white kimono as it often turns yellow after a few months. 

For practitioners who take a training course every day, a comfortable Gi is always an essential component. Fabric material, durability and sleeve size Are three crucial factors you should consider when buying new Gi for someone.

Whatever gift you choose, it must come from your heart and be suitable for the receiver. With these above suggestions jiu-jitsu gift ideas, hope you can find the best gift for your jiu-jitsu practitioner. 

If there are any jiu-jitsu gift ideas pop up on your mind, do not hesitate to share with us.