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18 fabulous gifts for triathletes you love

gifts for triathletes

Chances are we all struggle when it comes to buying gifts. Buying gifts, in fact, is art since you have to select carefully depending on many factors of the receiver such as age, preference, and personality. That said, buy gifts for a specific occupation is even harder. 

In recent decades, a number of people who fascinate triathlon are increasing owing to the exciting feature of this multiple-stage and consequential sport. Here the question appears, “what should I give to a triathlete as a gift?” If you have a sketchy idea of what to give the triathletes you love, let us show you the list 18 amazing gifts that would make every triathlete happy.


18 fabulous gifts for triathletes you love

1. Goggles

Since triathlon involves swimming, it is a brilliant idea to give a triathlete a pair of goggles. A swimmer always need a pair of goggles because it helps protect his or her eyes from chlorine and debris in a swimming pool. It also shields eyes from harmful elements that could cause eyesore, red eyes and other minor eye injuries during swimming session. Because everybody wants to protect their eyes, it’s important that your gift shows the care and attention towards the most vital part in the body.

2. Cycling Glove 

If you don’t know why a triathlete needs cycling gloves, here is the answer. Cycling gloves provide comfort to triathletes, ensure their safety and handling feature. The gloves absorb heat and sweats and switch on the safety mode when triathletes hold on the handlebars. A pair of cycling glove can even help lessen injuries and damages during a crash. That make cycling gloves the best gift you could give to a triathlete.

3. Smartphone Carrier 

Of course, a triathlete couldn’t bring their phones during a competition. However, they’d be more than content if they can carry their smartphones during rehearsal. An armband smartphone carrier will enable triathletes to practice while listening to their music and access their phone. How wonderful it is! 

4. Cooling Sport Vests 

To enhance performance and reduce any discomfort during competition, many athletes choose to wear cooling sports vests. A cooling sports vest can do magic. With thermal insulation, a sports vest allows athletes to stay cool during hot weather by lowering the skin temperature and absorb sweats. The fabrics used for the vest balance the body temperature and boost overall heat tolerance.

5. Custom T-shirts 

If you don’t want to give your favourite triathlete something related to his or her sport, maybe you would want to buy a custom T-shirt instead. Triathletes need the motivation to deliver their best performance. A custom T-shirt with a motivational quote will be a meaningful gift for triathletes. You can even find shirts with triathlon motivational sentences and images to help encourage your favourite triathlete. 

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6. Custom Mugs 

Custom mugs serve the same function as custom T-shirts. However, they might be a bit more extraordinary compared to T-shirts. Triathletes don’t necessarily carry a cup around with them; however, after an exhausting day, they’d love to drink tea or coffee with a lovely motivational cup. 

7. Compression Socks 

Compression socks are widely used in the triathlon world due to its excellent features. Running socks help triathletes maintain their performance and at the same time shorten the recovery period. These compression socks can also be used during rehearsal or training, which help boost venous velocity and ease soreness. So if you want to give something to your favourite triathlete, nothing is better than a pair of compression socks.

8. Bike Lock 

A triathlon bike could cause a fortune. Therefore, no triathlete wants to lose it. It could be an excellent idea to give a triathlete a bike lock to secure his or her bike. This is a small gift, but it will undoubtedly make triathletes happy. 

9. Wind-block Headband

A wind-block headband is a must-have item for all triathletes. Since they have to maintain their best performance under all conditions, they need a wind-block headband to ensure that they won’t be affected by wind or bad weather. A wind-block headband protects triathletes ears from strong wind and harmful elements while running. When the weather is cold, the headband keeps the forehead and ears warm. 

10. Sunglasses 

Biking under the sun without sunglasses could be an annoying experience that no triathletes want to encounter. Consequently, they often look for a pair of sunglasses that will not come loose during the race or put so much stress on the head and ears. Since sunglasses could help triathletes perform in many kinds of weather conditions and different courses, it should be a wonderful gift for them to have. 

11. Head Torch 

A head torch is a useful item for many triathletes since races could start in the evening or where light is limited. Sometimes triathletes have to rely heavily on the head torch to find their way in the darkness. Therefore, a head torch could be a brilliant gift idea that you may want to buy for your favourite athletes. 

12. Front and rear light combo 

Sports bikes for triathletes are vitally important. All triathletes want to make sure their bikes work correctly during the race. There are many things you can buy for the bike. A front and rear light combo is a great example. Since the race could be in the complete darkness, having a definite front and rear light could contribute to the overall performance of triathletes in the race.

13. Triathlon Bag

Triathlon is a sport that requires many pieces of equipment. A triathlete needs to bring goggles, helmets, sunglasses and sometimes first aid kit to the race. As a result, he or she would love to have a flexible bag that has enough space for all the stuff but at the same time is easy to carry. A triathlon bag, therefore, an excellent gift choice for triathletes. You can choose the bag based on the triathlete’s favourite colour and other preferences.

14. Short Sleeve Tri Suit

Having a comfortable short sleeve for racing is every triathletes’ dream. A perfect short sleeve tri suit should provide muscle support and enhance aerodynamics while still allow users to breathe. Since triathletes have to wear the suit during the whole race, they would want to have a water-resistance and sun-protection suit. Because of the importance of a suitable suit, there is nothing better than buying a tri suit as a gift for triathletes. 

15. Triathlon cycle shoes 

Shoes are triathletes’ best friends. A pair of good cycle shoes will improve triathletes’ capacity during the race as well as ensure the comfort and durability of the race. As can be perceived, triathletes will be more than content to receive a pair of cycle shoes since they know it will be the best assistant in many situations. Therefore, the first thing you should think of when it comes to gift ideas for triathletes is triathlon cycle shoes. 

16. Road Helmet 

To ensure the safety during a bicycle race, triathletes are required to wear helmets. Riding at full speed could be pretty dangerous without a road helmet. Though no one wants accidents to happen, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Again, road helmets for triathletes come in many sizes and designs, which will be easy for you to choose which is the best to buy. 

17. Repair kit 

Triathletes often attend long training rides. And during long training rides, everything could happen even a bike breakdown. What triathletes would need in this situation is a repair kit which allows them to repair their bikes and continue the training instantly. If you want to purchase a gift for a triathlete, a repair kit is what you should look for. 

18. Sleep and Activity tracker 

Triathletes want to keep their health in a perfect condition. Therefore, if you give them a sleep and activity tracker, they’d be pleased. This is because a tracker could provide accurate heart rate during training and performance, as well as monitor your activity thoroughly and make sure the users won’t miss any personal goal. 

Buying gifts for triathletes aren’t as simple as it seems. Irrespective of you know the sport well or not, knowing what is essential for a triathlete and buying the right gift could be a challenge. The list of gift ideas above provides you with the most fundamental and crucial items for most triathletes, which will surely make them happy when receiving your gift.