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9 Amazing Stranger Things Merchandise And Gift Ideas

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Since its first premiere, Stranger Things has become a famous pop culture occurrence. The series has successfully created a new generation of talented child actors. It also presents an unusual and thrilling plot which involves monsters from a different world.

Stranger Things merchandise is unlimited. You can find from books to posters and T-shirt. On the one hand, you have plenty of options to choose from. On the other side, when it comes to buying gifts for Stranger Things’ fans, it’s a hard nut to crack. In this list, we will provide you with eight fantastic Stranger Things merchandise and gift ideas for your friends and loved ones.


9 Amazing Stranger Things Merchandise And Gift Ideas

1)  Custom shirts

If you don’t want to overthink about what to buy for your friend, a shirt is always a good option. You can choose the shirt depending on your friend’s preference in colour, types of cloth, and design. The cool thing is Stranger Things shirts often have many grand designs with fantasy images of the Upside Down, which will surely please the gift receiver. Wearing a well-designed Stranger Things shirt coupled with the fact that everybody will spot you like the series’ fan is the most beautiful thing you can do for the gift receiver. 

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2) Custom Mugs

If you think mugs are just for tea or coffee, you think it wrong. It’s true that when you give your friend a mug, he will likely use it to drink water, tea or coffee every day. However, a mug can also be in the kitchen for decorative purpose. Imagine how proud your friend will be taking somebody to his or her kitchen and the Stranger Things mug is right there. Again, you can choose the mug depending on how your friend wants. It could be with a famous quote from the series or your friend’s favourite character.

3)  iPhone Case

Just like the shirt, iPhone Case is also a great gift to think of when you can’t think of anything else. There are thousands of different designs, typically with Stranger Things art and quotes. This iPhone case with Eleven’s famous quote, for example, is a great reminder for you and your friends. “Friends don’t lie” is the probably the most important words you and your friend can learn from the series. 

4)  Action figures 

For action figures lovers, nothing could be better if they can receive something they like to enlarge their collections. When you decide to buy action figures for your friend, you can ask him first who his favourite character is and buy accordingly. Stranger Things action figures are various in shapes and designs. You may want to consider these factors carefully before heading to the gift shop.

5)  Trucker Hat

The toothless Dustin is the main character in both season 1 and season 2. His famous feature, except his missing tooth, is the trucker hat. If you friend loves Dustin, the first thing you should look for is the trucker hat. You can find many trucker hats inspired by Dustin but with the logo of the series Stranger Things in front. 

6)  A parody cookbook 

A cookbook? Why not? If your friend fascinates about cooking, especially cakes, this is just the gift you need to look for. Like other Stranger Things merchandise, the book cover is inspired by the mystery and secrecy of Strange Things. However, once you open it, you will find many excellent recipes, and you can learn to make delicious dishes like Baked Brenners or Pie and Tartlets. 

 7)   Ouija Board 

A Stranger Things Ouija Board will be a perfect gift idea for the friend who interests in the spirit world. And this board is not just any ordinary Ouija Board; it features the Stranger Things theme. Your friend will be left in awe looking at the board and planchette. This will soon turn out to be a late night activity that both you and your friend enjoy.

8)  Stranger Things Monopoly

For boardgame lovers, a Stranger Things monopoly is what makes them scream in happiness. Monopoly comes with many variations, and this particular Stranger Things Monopoly will allow players to search for Will. Players will have to start their finding at familiar places such as Hawkins, Indiana and the Upside Down.

Don’t let yourself get trapped in the Upside Down – that’s the tip.

9)  Shopping bags

Besides clothes, a shopping bag could also be a fantastic idea for any birthday girls. Your friend can bring the bag everywhere with her. And that will undoubtedly make her content. 

After Stranger Things, a considerable quantity of merchandise appears to serve the series’s real fans. However, it could be hard to decide what to buy when there are too many options. Now, with the list of 9 amazing Stranger Things gift ideas, you will save time and come up with totally cool gifts for your friends.