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9 Newly single gifts to treat yourself

newly single gifts

Being single doesn’t mean the end of the world, especially you are now back to take up a post for self-care and self-exploration. Give yourself some time to recover and some treats to lift up your mood. After all, you deserve love and care from yourself. Below is the list of 10 newly single gifts for any girls who have just walked out of a broken relationship.


List of gifts to treat yourself 

1)  Necklace/ Accessories 

Do you remember the last time you wear a necklace? Or earrings? If you can’t, then it’s time to buy yourself shiny, beautiful jewellery or any accessories for that matter. In case you have forgotten, accessories, especially necklaces add colour to your outfit and draw attention to your face. It’s time to move on. It’s time for something new. And what you should do first is to give yourself a beautiful piece of necklace.

2)  Lipstick

Who doesn’t love lipstick? Wearing lipstick has become a daily ritual for many women, including you. You may argue you don’t need a new lipstick while you already have a collection at home. Don’t you know shopping helps release stress? Plus, carrying out new beauty routine, including your just-purchased lipstick, will help you feel better about yourself.

3)  Underwear Set

Okay, admit it. We all want to look sexy and gorgeous, especially when we get back on the single track. That’s the reason why buying a new underwear set could make you feel fantastic. Under the same boring clothes, you can choose an entirely new mix-match underwear or even lingerie. This is also an excellent chance to take a good look at your own body and appreciate your curves and beauty.

4)  Book 

Being newly single means you have more to invest in yourself. While many people choose to upgrade their looks, you can do something entirely different: look inside. There are tons of books for self-discovery, after breakup motivational books. Reading books will occupy your mind, keep it up and running, so you don’t have time to wander through sadness and negative emotions. Additionally, this is a good chance for you to enhance your background understanding.

5)  Stuffed animals 

Maybe the comfortable feeling from stuff animals is the medication you need. To some people, it is a little weird to buy a stuffed animal for a grown up. However, it has nothing to do with right or wrong here. Stuffed animals could be a comforting friend who helps you fall asleep easier and stay in your room with a decorative purpose. Either way, if you move out from a relationship, chances are you still need “somebody” to stay around, so you don’t feel alone. That somebody can be a cute little, stuffed bunny who will never desert you.

6)  Scented candles 

Stressful? Sad? Time to relax. Scented candles are must-have items for newly single girls. Why? Firstly, the scent from these candles can alleviate whatever negative feeling on your mind. Secondly, you deserve it. Yes, you deserve to be in a romantic atmosphere that you create for yourself. Why waits for somebody else when you can take care of yourself? 

7)  Custom gift 

Newly single girls need motivation and inspiration. After sometimes emotional depending on somebody else, you need to put yourself together and be ready for the race ahead. How can you do that? Simply get a custom T-shirt or mug with a motivational quote on it. Imagine you go to the closet, and the first thing you notice is your newly bought shirt with something like “think like a proton – stay positive,” isn’t it wonderful? 

8)  Flowers 

If you are looking for some simple pleasures, flowers could be a perfect choice. Besides its decorative power, flowers help lighten up your space and instantly enhance your feeling. Looking at flowers, you will never stop the sense of gratefulness towards nature. 

9)  Body lotion 

It’s safe to say that after a relationship, we often feel like a stranger to ourselves and we need to take several baby steps to get back with the usual personal rhythm. If you want to make friend with your body again, then a new bottle of body lotion is brilliant. Body lotion helps your skin stay hydrated and prevent skin ageing. What a lovely treat for your body!


Being single opens up an inner door for you to re-discover and re-learn about yourself. So, you can start by buying yourself some delightful treats, from necklaces to body lotions - those will remind you how wonderful and admirable you are.