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Should not miss 8 Gift ideas for military retirements

gift ideas for military retirement

We never go easy in choosing gifts for the elderly. They might be not in our generation, or we just do not get their hobbies. However, there are some presents that old people love to have on those days. Today, I’m talking about gifts idea for military retirements. Those former soldiers are older than us but their mind, I guess, stay strong after many years in the army. Therefore, I do no introduce natural gifts idea for old people such as a massage machine or filter tips. 

Let’s see which one of these below sounds possible to satisfy your old soldier back home.


1.   T-shirt – all time perfection

A t-shirt must be the first to think of no matter who or which occasion. I am always proud of this gift idea because it never goes out of fashion. Fashion trend changes, but T-shirts live forever.

Maybe old people do not care about fashion. However, everyone can wear T-shirts, regardless of ages and genders. 

Do not hesitate to pick a cool T-shirt for military retirement. To make the gifts more meaningful, you can improve them by putting on some army paintings or words.

2.   Cup – everyone’s need

Every man in the world needs a mug, and if it’s a present, a mug should carry on some meaning. The old needs cup to drink their tea. That’s so nice if they look at something which reminds them of bravery and harsh years in the army. 

Cups come in many shapes and size, let’s choose it based on hobbies of each people. Choosing will show off how you care about that person.

A cup for old soldiers should be sturdy with firm handle. Try the materials which can keep the heat since they do not drink iced as young people do. 

3.   Shadowbox- True military gift

Every man coming back from the army is gifted medals which present what they have done in the military and their position in that group. They have those medals granted by only government. They are high-class souvenirs of their jobs. Because of those reasons, every man wants to show their badges off to people. 

Let’s make the exhibition cooler by a shadow box. The shadow boxes have enough space to contain every medal they collected through years with flags of the country. This box should have a hook to hang on the wall. The soldiers have spent whole youth on working for the state, let’s help them finish it by a small gallery right in the house. 

4. Books – Best friends of all elderly

Unlike young people who use Kindle and e-book, the elderly are more interested in paper books. Books are a typical and classic gift idea for old people, not alone those who spent time on the army. Books will be a friend to them, they can read from the books like chatting with imaginary buddies. 

To present that you cherish their time on the military, let’s encourage them by a military-style book. A book by another military men or novel about years in the army can remind them about their time. Finding a suitable book feel like finding out a real soulmate.

5.   Military and Police Tactical Pen for writing – All men’s favorite

It’s another “Elderly” hobbies that we might take granted. People love reading books or magazines. Young people love sports,.. and so on. But we forget those old people like writing notes instead of typing on tablets. With that thought, they will be out of surprise if you bring them a pen. 

A tactical pen for military use is a multi-functional pen with two pinned points. Unlike conventional plastic and colorful pens out there, pens they used to write in the military were reliable and durable. The color is usually pure black which expresses strict and solemn of the soldier. That’s why I recommend a Military and police tactical pen, not a beautiful pen in stores. 

Using a pen that they used in the past can recall them about hard working time and memories of the job. That’s what we can draw on them, but by sending them something like the pen, you helped them cherish those old moments more or less.

6.   Good wine – Homecoming for any retired men

A wine bottle means both farewell and congratulation. Good wine never let men down no matter who they are. Especially for soldiers, they drink wine less than ordinary people. Therefore, a bottle of wine might be the most welcomed at the moment when they stop with the military and start family life. 

However, choosing a bottle of wine is not an easy job. You should study his taste before going for any wine. Smell, age, and location are always the matter to find the most suitable bottle of wine. 

7.   Army Awards & Trophies

If you care and admire your father or uncle’s job at the military, you should not miss a thank you for their protection and a trophy as a reward. Yes, this trophy might not as valuable as medals the government granted them. A Trophy you prepare to represent your thanks can your respect to what they did.

By the way, the trophy is such a cool thing to place on the cupboard. 

8.   Army Soldier American Hero Trophy

It’s an upgrade for the previous, so I prefer this one. The trophy can be located in the living room with the exhibition of meals and other cups. I have to say it’s a nice souvenir what all military men love, not only the retired. 

The trophy can be a reminder for the time those soldiers fighting for the country. Such a sweet present!

In sum up, choosing an appropriate gift for military retirement was not a difficult job as you imaged. There are some hobbies and personalities of soldiers which establish in the army and you should study. A good gift for retirement is something live long and reminding. Besides, it’s even better if the gift can convey your thanks and respect to those people who have fought for your safety.