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Excellent suggestion with 26 gift ideas for horse owners

gift ideas for horse owners

Do you have a horse? If yes this is great for you! We will introduce to you our list of 26 gift ideas for horse owners! Let’s take a look, and maybe you can find good things you need.


1)  A warm coat for winter

The first to be mentioned is a coat for cold days in winter. Having a horse is so excellent that you can relax by riding him both in summer and winter. In freezing days at the end of the year, having a coat is a lovely suggestion! 

2)  Soft saddles for riding

Do not forget to buy this gift this year. Such things like these can help you feel comfortable when riding your favourite horse. You can spend much time on his back and experience more new things around you. Forget the hard saddles, and say goodbye to a backache. 

3)  Horse Riding Gloves

One more idea you can choose is a couple of riding gloves. Ya, you should choose one which fit you. This kind of gift helps the rider get better control to work with the horse. There are many different colours for you to choose from, too.

4)  Horse Riding Tights

To anyone who owns a horse, having a riding tight is also very significant. Well, you do not have to be interrupted by hot weather, the fabric can deal with sweaty people. Just choose a reliable brand and wear your tight to start your clinic. 

5)  Horse nameplate

A horse nameplate is a pride of the owner. It shows the name of the horse so you can easily find yours among many other ones. A nameplate even let others know if that is a famous horse or not. If you are proud of your horse, why don’t you let people know about him? Choose the type of it and let others do the rest for you.

6)  Horse blanket

Ya, your horse needs this! Do not just buying for yourself, please care about your friend. Having a horse blanket can make him feel happy, especially in winter. Your horse can feel your love so well. If you think this gift idea for horse owners is right, why don’t you choose it? 

7)  Horseshoe Sets

One more thing for your friend, a set of a horseshoe. Choosing an excellent set and change them sometimes, with this you can show how much you care for your horse. Is that a good relationship? 

8)  Horse brushes

Having a set of horse brushes can help you do a lot with your horse. You can comb the hair and help him have a better performance. You can also make him cleaner with such tools and do a lot more. You can buy curry combs, dandy brushes, grooming brushes and body ones, too.

9)  Horse Skin Lotion 

Here is the skin lotion for your horse! It helps to protect him from rain rot, ringworm and many other diseases. You should take care of him to make sure he is healthy, and this helps you to ride more smoothly.

10)  Sports helmet

Ya, a sports helmet is also among our list of horse gifts today. You can show your lifestyle, your characters through the clothes you wear. Having a hat is a part of it. You need little time to surf the internet, and you can get an excellent one!

11)  Fly Masks

Don’t you own this? If not please take it soon. You horse need this to protect his eyes, his face on hot weather. You can choose a fly mask with ears or not, and it depends on you. There are plenty of this.

12)  Sporty jackets

Our next idea is a sporty jacket. There are many different types for both men and women. It may be black, white or brown. Wearing a jacket when riding horses can make you more polite, gentle and mature. You can find many online shops selling this gift and find the best which fits your body. 

13)  Halters

Ya, this gift is vital, right? You can choose from pink, red, white to black. There are many colours for your halter. If you have a female horse, you can choose bright colours. If you have a male horse, you can choose black; it is better.

14)  Sport boot sets

Well, one more thing for your friend! Having a boot set can make your horse more sporty and robust! It is indeed a beautiful spot! Many people will look at him with praises! Do you want that? It makes sense. 

15)  Boots for horse riders

Choosing a couple of boot is very important to a horse owner. If the shoes do not fit, you can get in trouble when riding. Having an extra couple of this can help you be decisive in many cases, and you can also change your style if you want. All the boots are very stable, fashionable and gentle. It can help to protect you well whenever you get troubles. It also helps you to get a sharp point to control the horse in a race. 

16)  A horse T-shirt

Our next gift idea is a T-shirt. Having a horse T-shirt is a good thing to let all people know how much you love this animal. Ya, everyone wants to show his personality, and this is your way! All will have to look at your T-shirt with attention. 

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17)  Horse backpack

Ya, this idea is excellent. You can wear your bag everywhere you want and take beautiful pictures. You cannot do that with your horse, but this gift can make it come true. You can choose a big one or a small one, a white or a black. The shapes and sizes are very plentiful. 

18)  A veterinary book for horse’ owners.

A veterinary handbook for horse owners is a great idea, do you think so? It is essential for the horse nutrition. You can choose the best food which is suitable for your horse to make him more and more healthy. It can help you to express your love to him and continue an excellent relationship.

19)  Horse paints

What is the next idea of gifts? A horse paint. Do not forget to have a big horse paint inside your home. Because all the guests can know your love when they look at this each time they visit your house. Show them, let them see a great picture of your horse, and you feel so proud of him. 

20)  Horse album

This gift keeps and saves all the memories you have had with your horse, a close friend of your childhood. You should take time to own great pictures of you and your horse and put them in the album. Sometimes, it can remind you of many unforgettable times in the past. 

21)  Horse key holder

This next idea is a horse key holder. You can keep this all the time you are out and see your horse key whenever you miss your real one. A key is a tool to keep important things, and a horse key holder shows your favourite animal’s role in your life. 

22)  A horse coffee cup

Enjoying good coffee in the morning to start a new day is a favourite hobby. However, experiencing a horse coffee cup is not. It is unique. You can have your horse with you by having a coffee cup printed your horse picture. Well, is that an excellent idea to do this week? 

23)  Horse desks

The number 21st idea is a horse desk. It is unique, and you cannot see it in many places. Having a small horse desk in your room is a good idea to relax and read books. Having a bigger horse table in the living room is so excellent that many people want to take pictures with it the first time they see. 

24)  Horse bookshelf

Is a horse bookshelf favourite? Is that what you often see? No. So who can own this? It is for horse owners and horse lovers. Ya, that is right! Do you want all people to know you love horses? Take a horse bookshelf, and put all your favourite books in it, later you can enjoy your favourite hobbies. I like this idea so much!

25)  Horse socks

This kind of gift is not only suitable for kids but also for adults. You can choose good socks with printed horses to express your love for nature. It is unique. Why don’t you pick a set for your all family?

26)  ”Understanding your horse's emotions” book 

This book is an excellent gift for horse riders. To be a good friend with your horse, you need to understand him. Of course, this is not easy, and you need help. “Understanding your horse’ emotions “ book can be a right answer. It will bring you a good period with your horse.

All the above gift ideas for horse owners we recommend you be so excellent and helpful. Our list helps you and your horse, too. You can spend a little time to choose your favourite items and let us know your emotion when you read this. You can also visit us here to find out more suggestions. Welcome!