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8 Awesome Stranger Things T-shirts

Stranger Things, the science fiction-horror series, made its first premiere in 2016, starring Winona Ruder, Millie Bobby Brown, and David Harbour. The first season depicts an investigation of the mysterious disappearance of a young boy. In the middle of the search, a girl with psychic power appears, adding more secrecies around the town. The second season goes further to explain the consequences of the first season and how people in the town try to adapt to their normal lives. The series is heavily influenced by Steven Spielberg and Stephen King’s stories. Its initial success has paved the way for the series to be nominated for Outstanding Drama Series.

If you have a huge passion for mysteries, and if you are crazy about Stranger Things, there is no reason you should not tell the world about it. These Stranger Things Shirt designs are exclusively made for you. 


Hawkins Middle AV Club Shirt

Hawkins High School T-shirt - black

Hawkins Middle AV Club is a club at Hawkins Middle School under Mr. Scott Clarke’s – the school science teacher - management. This place is also a secret sharing place between the four main characters: Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will. In the club, Will shares and discusses with his friends on supernatural matters.

Hawkins Gym Shirt

Hawkins Gym T-shirt - black

Hawkins High School is located right next to the Hawkins Secondary School. In 1983, there were two things that happened at the same time mysteriously. These are the assembly of the school on its football field and the disappearance of Will Byers.

Stranger Things Eleven T-shirt

Eleven T-shirt - black

Eleven is the girl with a psychic superpower. Kidnaped and raised in Hawkins National Laboratory for her abilities, she is able to communicate with creatures from another dimension. She forms an intimate bond between Mike, Lucas, and Dustin and helps those 3 look for their missing friend.

Upside Down Shirt

Upside Down T-shirt - black

The Upside Down exists in parallel to our world. During the time in Hawkins National Laboratory, Eleven developed her ability to open the Gate to the Upside Down. An invasion of the Earth by the creatures from the Upside Down was launched but soon stopped when the gate was closed.

Demogoron Shirt

Demogorgon T-shirt - black

Demogorons are flesh-eater creatures from the other dimension – the Upside Down. They are often regarded as violent, bloodthirsty, but at the same time unintelligent. Demogoron first appeared in Hawkins in 1983 after the gate was opened by accident.

Demogoron Shirt

Demogorgon T-shirt - black

Despite their strength and quantity, Demogorons were defeated and must go back to their world. However, the damages caused by Demogorgon was huge. Will Byers is controlled by the Mind Player to unleash Demogorons into Hawkins.

Upside Down Stranger Things Shirt

Stranger Forest T-shirt - black

Stranger Things portrays the beautiful friendship between Will, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin. When Will disappears into the Upside Down, the three mounted a desperate search to find him.

Stranger Things Upside Down shirt

Stranger Moon T-shirt - black

The connection between the four, especially Will with the Upside Down is strong. Will, the abducted boy, developed a strange connection with the Upside Down and was eventually exploited by the Mind Flayer. With the help of his friends, the gate to the Upside Down is closed and Will returns to normal.

Stranger Things T-shirts are exclusively made for those who fall in love with mysteries and fantasy. Stranger Things Shirts are available in many colors and types of clothing such as long sleeves, hoodies, sweatshirts, and tank tops. You will surely find your most favorite one in our huge collection of designs.